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Cultural Tourism in Kenya

CULTURAL TOURISM in Kenya A trip to Kenya is about more than just wildlife or scenery- the real face of our country is found among the combined faces of Kenya’s many cultures. It is the people who bring the destination to life, each of our landscapes has a different cultural significance to a different community, […]


The Maasai, The authentic people of Kenya

Maasai: the authentic people of Kenya – a tourist favorite   “It takes one day to destroy a house; to build  a new house will take months and perhaps years. If we abandon our way of life to construct a new one, it will take thousands of years”, Maasai belief. The Maasai tribe is the most authentic […]


Budget Accommodation at the Mara

Masai Mara Budget Lodges, Hotels & Camps The Mara is situated in South-Western Kenya, and is the Northern continuation of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Masai Mara lies about 270 Kilometers from Nairobi, and takes about 4 to 5 hours by Road and 45 Minutes by Air)  Here is a list of camps offering cheap/ […]


Luxury Stay at the Masai Mara

If you are planning a safari holiday to Kenya, the Masai Mara is one destination where a visit is a must. The “Mara” is the most popular of the many national parks and game reserves and is renowned for its abundant wildlife, the annual migration and its diversity providing a balanced environment. What better way […]


The Masai Mara.

The Masai Mara National Reserve is Kenya’s premier wildlife park, It is a land of breathtaking vistas, abundant wildlife, and endless plains. It was established in 1961 to protect wildlife from hunters and it derives its name from the Maasai people who inhabit the area (Maasai word that describes the land, Mara, meaning spotted, due to the […]


Travel Heals-body, mind and Soul

TRAVEL CAN HEAL. According to Vicky Iskandar-a Yoga, travel, & dance enthusiast. Travel is a powerful way to heal the soul, cleanse the mind, and open the heart. Whether you spend your time in the middle of nowhere, on a secluded island, at a group retreat, or alone in a bustling city, being in a different environment […]


Heaven for romantics- Elsa’s Kopje

“Heaven for romantics” – The Daily Telegraph Unashamedly romantic and beautifully styled, Elsa’s Kopje is sculpted into Mughwango Hill, above the site of George Adamson’s original camp where he raised and released orphan lions, long before conservation became fashionable. Each cottage is crafted around the rocks, with a large bedroom, open sitting room, veranda and spacious bathroom, […]


Mystical Meru

MERU-A tourist hub Meru County is synonymous with the miraa (Khat) growing culture. As such one would imagine that the most interesting activities this region has to offer are only centered on the stimulating plant. However, Meru is a hotbed of tourist attraction. Located on the North East slope of Mount Kenya and five miles […]


Central Kenya Tourism

CENTRAL KENYA  #SampleKenya Central region. It represents the region around and on Mount Kenya. Most attractions in this circuit offer adrenaline-pumping adventures such as hikes, kayaking and mountain climbing. The central region is the ultimate destination for enthusiasts who don’t mind the steep slopes of Mount Kenya. The region offers High Hill Country; a paradise […]


Executive, Affordable stay in Mombasa

Mombasa has an exotic array of hotels/Lodges to choose from. With its white sandy beaches, one is spoilt for choice when considering where to stay. Below are executive but very affordable lodges at the beach front. BAHARI DHOW Bahari Dhow, located directly on Diani Beach in Kenya, offers you the perfect combination of a simple […]


Kenyan World Class Beaches

  #SampleKenya n world class beaches One of the best rated beaches in the World Kenya is an ideal holiday destination for people to relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery it offers. The country amazing coastal destinations you can visit in your next holiday. Tourists and vacationers travel to these places to enjoy its tropical […]


Morocco tour

What is Morocco known for Morocco is known the world over for its early Islamic architecture, long, inviting beaches and a variety of spices, sold both in markets and as part of an array of dishes at restaurants. Visitors often order couscous, the national dish, with meat, vegetables and the aforementioned spices. The outdoor markets are […]


A Tourist Destination of Choice

With its diverse cultural heritage, Kenya is one of the most interesting destinations to visit around the world. The people are warm, friendly and welcoming. There are over forty ethnic groups in this country which are all unique in various ways and live together in peace and harmony. We have the Maasai, Samburu and the […]

Kenyan Safari

Kenyan Wildlife

#SampleKenya Wildlife Ecotourism plays a big part in East Africa’s strongest economy. Visitors flock to the country to see Africa’s “Big Five.” lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalo and these are just a handful of the treasured species in this nation. Baboons, zebras, giraffes, flamingoes, and more are enjoyed by tourists, thanks to a strong […]



WHY TRAVEL IS GOOD FOR YOU. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime”. Mark Twain Travelling is fun. It is […]

8th Wonder of the world, Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest Migration

THE WONDER THAT IS WILDEBEEST MIGRATION The Wildebeest Migration, is one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World” If there is a safari you should go on, this has to be it. The Maasai Mara and the Serengeti National Park come together to form the haven for this great phenomena! It is breathtaking, tantalizing […]


Sampling Kenya-A Dream Holiday Destination

#SAMPLE KENYA   It’s usually a hustle to plan a safari, you will find yourself faced with a bewildering variety of choices, what to do, where to stay and most of all, which country to go to.  So how do you decide? The following are things that will help you clearly see why you need […]



WHY YOU NEED A TRAVEL AGENT –  10 ADVANTAGES Booking a trip on the internet has its share of stress and it can take more than 4 – 12 hours researching on the various airlines and hotels. You will probably spend hours and days haphazardly searching online for deals on flights and hotels – granted […]



The coastline North of Mombasa is a world of enthralling history and natural beauty. The coast is lined with pristine palm fringed beaches, and the calm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. The beaches are broken by the wide mouth of Kilifi Creek, whose azure waters are a popular port of call on the international […]


Diani Beach, Kenya.

 DIANI BEACH KENYA. With a flawless stretch of white-sand beach hugged by lush forest and kissed by surfable waves, Diani Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Party people, families, honeymooners, backpackers and water sports enthusiasts find it a haven. Diani has some of the best accommodation in Kenya, from budget […]