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Unique Lodging in Laikipia

Laikipia is a vast expanse of wild and rugged country in the central highlands of Kenya – running from the foot of Mt Kenya in the East to the rim of the Rift Valley in the west. Laikipia itself lies outside the jurisdiction of National Parks, and is somewhere to get out of a vehicle […]


Samburu-a place of serenity

Samburu County  is located on the floor of the great Rift Valley and borders Baringo County to the west, Laikipia County to the south, lsiolo County to the East and Turkana County to the northwest and Marsabit County to the north, Mararal being the main town. The county is semi arid in nature. Samburu offers […]


Turkana, Land Of Golden Sun

Turkana National Park Like trying to retell a dream, recounting a beautiful sunset is a futile enterprise. The colors, the scale–the true nature of the land is ineffable. What’s more, such beauty is ultimately subjective in the first place. Turkana, known in the local language as Aturksve, is a county in the former Rift Valley […]


Great Rift Attractions

THE GREAT RIFT VALLEY ATTRACTIONS The Great Rift Valley is a remarkable geological feature and a very popular tourism region in Kenya. Nowhere says Kenya like the Rift Valley, with its savanna, geology, fauna and history as the cradle of human life. In Kenya, the Rift’s steep sides and wide plains are at their most […]


The Great Rift Valley in Kenya

The Great Rift Valley The Great Rift Valley is a name given to the continuous geographic trench, approximately 6,000 kilometres in length and runs from the Dead Sea in Syria to Mozambique. The valley varies in width from 30-100 km and in depth from a few hundred to several thousand metres and much of it is to be found in Kenya, where […]


Luxury Stay at the Masai Mara

If you are planning a safari holiday to Kenya, the Masai Mara is one destination where a visit is a must. The “Mara” is the most popular of the many national parks and game reserves and is renowned for its abundant wildlife, the annual migration and its diversity providing a balanced environment. What better way […]


The Masai Mara.

The Masai Mara National Reserve is Kenya’s premier wildlife park, It is a land of breathtaking vistas, abundant wildlife, and endless plains. It was established in 1961 to protect wildlife from hunters and it derives its name from the Maasai people who inhabit the area (Maasai word that describes the land, Mara, meaning spotted, due to the […]


Travel Heals-body, mind and Soul

TRAVEL CAN HEAL. According to Vicky Iskandar-a Yoga, travel, & dance enthusiast. Travel is a powerful way to heal the soul, cleanse the mind, and open the heart. Whether you spend your time in the middle of nowhere, on a secluded island, at a group retreat, or alone in a bustling city, being in a different environment […]



WHY TRAVEL IS GOOD FOR YOU. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime”. Mark Twain Travelling is fun. It is […]


Kyambura Gorge Lodge – Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Kyambura Lodge is situated at the eastern edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park, in the western part of the great East African Rift valley, with fantastic views over the national park and the Rwenzori Mountains and at a short distance from the Kyambura Gorge. Queen Elizabeth National Park hosts almost 100 mammal species and a […]