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Monthly Archives / August 2013

Qatar Airways increases passenger baggage allowance

Effective 1 September 2013, passengers flying Qatar Airways routes worldwide will have enhanced baggage allowances with additional baggage weight allowed per person. Economy weight allowances have increased from 23kg to 30kg while Business and First Class have each increased from 30kg and 40kg to 40kg and 50kg respectively. The number of bags remains the same and […]



THE NAIROBI FASHION WEEK The long awaited Nairobi Fashion Week is almost here. The event will be held at the Hilton Hotel between the 23rd to 25th of August .NFW seeks to celebrate the immense creative talent being nurtured in Africa through the fusion of a number of local Fashion Designers, Sponsors, Models, Actors,Publicists, Stylists, […]



The beaches of Zanzibar are its biggest tourist draw. With numerous beach hotels and resorts to choose from, you can unwind after your African Safari.


Asian Destinations plagued by deadly heat wave

Asian Destinations plagued by deadly heat wave The unrelenting heat has scarred most of the north Asian countries recently. The heat wave that has broken all the past records caused sickness and even death across countries like China and Japan. This has set apprehensions on the conditions of agriculture and water. However the causes behind […]


Ethiopian Airlines Update – Fire at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Fire at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport As you all know about the situation at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport today, we would like to inform all out Customers that flights ET803/802/07/08Aug ADD-NBO-ADD. If given clearance, we intent to operate two parallel flights tomorrow afternoon to accommodate all stranded passengers. We will however, keep you posted […]


KLM – JKIA Fire Update

Cancellation of KL565 and KL566 on 7th August 2013 due to airport closure Due to the fire at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and major damage to infrastructure, flight KL565/07AUG from Amsterdam to Nairobi has been cancelled and consequently KL566/07AUG from Nairobi to Amsterdam is also cancelled. We cannot give you information on rebooking at […]


British Airways Update

British Airways Update  This is to inform you that flight BA065/07AUG LHR NBO has been cancelled and consequently BA064/07AUG NBOLHR will not be operating until further notice. Please continue checking on for further updates. We will continue updating you as more information becomes available. Yours sincerely, George Mawadri Commercial Manager East & Central Africa […]


JKIA Fire – SAA Status Update

JKIA Fire – SAA Status Update We have been given an update from KAA. Please be advised that all flights for today have been grounded due to the indefinite closure of the JKIA airport. All passengers who were to travel today on flight number SA 185 should NOT proceed to the airport as it is out of […]