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Tsavo Tourism

Situated to the southeast of Amboseli, Tsavo is Kenya’s largest national park and one of the largest in the world. The Park was opened in April of 1948 and it covers an approximate area of 22,000 km2. It  is divided in to two due to the railway that runs through it from Mombasa to the […]


The Samburu People

The Samburu people live north of the equator and live in very diverse and beautiful landscapes that span high altitude forests, open plains, semi-arid grass and bush land to complete desert. The Samburu developed from one of the later Nilotic migrations from the Sudan, as part of their plains Nilotic movement, moving southwards along the […]


Samburu Accommodations

The Samburu is a very beautiful, sparsely populated part of Rift Valley Kenya with abundant wildlife. Its home to the Samburu tribe of Kenya, a tribe known for their remote culture, pastoral and nomadic way of life. Much of the land is now protected and community development initiatives have extended to eco-friendly African lodges jointly run by the […]


Saruni Samburu -Wild ‘n’ Serene

In the Samburu (and Maasai) language, ‘Saruni’ means ‘sanctuary’. Samburu has a very evocative and iconic landscape that reminds each visitor of “the Africa of my dreams”: dry and stunningly beautiful, wild and at the same time serene. Saruni Samburu six luxury, eco-chic villas are open and spacious, heralding spectacular views over Kalama Conservancy and Mount Kenya. As […]


Hidden Gems of The Rift Valley

Away from the plus coast line is one of the most attractive geographical features of the country, there is more than half a million square kilometers of absolute marvel waiting for you if you look deeper into the country. The Rift Valley has so much to offer that we wouldn’t exhaust its marvels in a […]


Turkana, Land Of Golden Sun

Turkana National Park Like trying to retell a dream, recounting a beautiful sunset is a futile enterprise. The colors, the scale–the true nature of the land is ineffable. What’s more, such beauty is ultimately subjective in the first place. Turkana, known in the local language as Aturksve, is a county in the former Rift Valley […]


Nakuru, an idyllic place

Nakuru… As you approach the Great Rift Valley from Nairobi, the scenery changes and you are thrust into a world of idyllic vistas. Nakuru simply means “Dust or Dusty place”. Don’t let the word fool you because you will be amazed at the brilliant sites the place has to offer. Nakuru and the regions around are endowed […]


Great Rift Attractions

THE GREAT RIFT VALLEY ATTRACTIONS The Great Rift Valley is a remarkable geological feature and a very popular tourism region in Kenya. Nowhere says Kenya like the Rift Valley, with its savanna, geology, fauna and history as the cradle of human life. In Kenya, the Rift’s steep sides and wide plains are at their most […]


The Great Rift Valley in Kenya

The Great Rift Valley The Great Rift Valley is a name given to the continuous geographic trench, approximately 6,000 kilometres in length and runs from the Dead Sea in Syria to Mozambique. The valley varies in width from 30-100 km and in depth from a few hundred to several thousand metres and much of it is to be found in Kenya, where […]


Cultural Tourism in Kenya

CULTURAL TOURISM in Kenya A trip to Kenya is about more than just wildlife or scenery- the real face of our country is found among the combined faces of Kenya’s many cultures. It is the people who bring the destination to life, each of our landscapes has a different cultural significance to a different community, […]