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Monthly Archives / August 2017

Maralal Camel Derby 2017

The Maralal Camel Derby is an annual event which has attracted the interest of many in recent years.  This year, the event will be held on 31st August 2017 to 3rd September 2017 just outside of Maralal town. This is Kenya’s best known and most prestigious camel race where one has an opportunity to race […]


Birding in Kenya

Kenya is best known as a safari destination for viewing big mammals, However, birding is also spectacular activity to explore. Kenya has a unique and diverse array of habitat types, ranging from the snow-capped mountains at about 5000 meters above sea level, tropical lowlands, highland forests, vast savannas, and rolling plains and grasslands to the […]


Nairobi “Hang Out” spots.

Brew Bistro Night Club and Restaurant Brew Bistro is located on Piedmont Plaza along Ngong Road and it is one of the coolest nightlife spots in Nairobi. Brew Bistro is famed for its master brewers and premium brews as well as the exquisite restaurant that serves delicious local and international gourmet meals and bites. The […]


Local Annual Festivals

Lamu Cultural Festival Lamu Cultural Festival is a celebration of both the past and the future, and the beliefs and traditions that are the heart and soul of the Lamu community. Every year Lamu comes to life during the Lamu Cultural  Cultural Festival which  is a three-day event highlighting Lamu’s heritage, as Kenyans come together […]