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Monthly Archives / April 2015

Facts about Cheetahs – Pt 1

The animals that inhabit our national parks capture our curiosity and our hearts. The opportunity to see these animals in their natural setting has become a major attraction to parks such as Masai Mara. Today we look at some facts about the cheetah. The word Cheetah is derived from the Hindi word “Chita” meaning spotted […]


Ndere Island, the Island of Serenity and Beauty.

Ndere Island National Park that covers an area of approximately 4,2km2 is an island located off the northern shore of Lake Victoria in Kisumu West District of Kisumu County. “Ndere is a Luo word that means “meeting place.” According to the Luo, Kit Mikayi, the mother of the tribe, rested up near Ndere after her […]


Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling

This is an annual event held on the last Monday in May in Cooper’s Hill, Brockworth, England. A handmade seven pound circle of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down the steep hill with slippery grass and a number of people chase down behind it. The first person to grab the cheese or to reach the […]


A taste of Tanzania

A Classic Tanzania Safari brings forth with it the best National parks in Tanzania and by best it means they carry dense population of wildlife, very many species of birds which makes this a bird heaven for the bird lovers and photographers. There is also Ngorongoro conservancy which holds the crater that is the largest […]